Sukabumi Porcelain

Recreating nature with porcelain

Welcome to Sukabumi Porcelain exclusive from TileLine

The new Sukabumi Porcelain range evokes a sense of luxury often used for beautiful swimming pools and striking landscape designs.

Sukabumi Porcelain is an excellent option for outdoor pools and landscaping thanks to its durability and low water absorption of less than 0.5%, this is the ideal product for any water feature or swimming pool as it requires low maintenance. Sukabumi Porcelain is the practical choice for architects and designers, due to its unique advantages over stone. We have developed Sukabumi in striking shades of greens, blues, sandstone and grey, a combination of which allows you to create your own bespoke look.

This Indonesian natural stone look is popular with architects and designers who seek a luxurious aesthetic, but at an affordable price. We can customize Sukabumi Porcelain to suit your needs and to provide continuity and rectification. You can decide on the percentages of colour to give you that personal touch.

What our clients say…

Christopher A. Brown – Director of AECOM

“As the market continues to evolve demanding bespoke solutions it is the type
of innovation that Brian and his team provides that supports designers and
construction professionals alike in delivering the highest quality projects.”

James Dickson – CEO of Al Abbar Group

“Brian always delivers, whether expectations, promises or materials. Some of the
best Client focus in the business. I have no hesitation in recommending him to
anyone in the market.”

Leo Gonzales – Senior Landscape Architect at DAMAC

“Tileline has supplied in many of my projects and I am extremely impressed with the
level of personal service and outstanding quality of their products. I am looking forward
to continue our work together in delivering quality landscapes and developing innovative
applications using their materials.”

Frank Mason – CEO Absolute Group

“The swimming pool industry has for a long time been looking for cost-effective
alternatives to natural stone finishes. Your innovation of the Sukubumi replica
finishes in a tile is a remarkable achievement. As well as providing a 1st class
product solution, your service support shows your passion for the business.
I am pleased to recommend Tileline to prospective clients.”

Swimming Pool Tiles in Dubai

Why porcelain?

Porcelain is an excellent option for the outdoors thanks to its durability and low water absorption of less than 0.5%, this is the ideal product for any water feature or swimming pool as it requires low maintenance.

As well as being the practical choice, Sukabumi Porcelain is similarly the cost effective one, as architects, designers and home owners alike do not have to worry about the rejection of tiles throughout the application process.

Bespoke design

The Sukabumi Porcelain Tiles come in 4 different variations: Light, Medium, Dark, and Pattern. You are able to create your own bespoke design
with the combination of these 4 tiles. For example you could have 50% light, 20% medium, 20% dark and 10% pattern. These combinations create amazing designs unique to your pool.

Swimming Pool Tiles in Dubai
Swimming Pool Tiles in Dubai

The underwater effect

Whilst the Natural Sukabumi stone needs to be underwater to truly showcase its colours, the beauty of Sukabumi Porcelain is able to be captured out of the water, making it an amazingly versatile addition for your pool or garden, presenting an array of shades that differ with water depth, natural sunlight, and your bespoke design.

The logical alternative

Sukabumi Porcelain has been developed to imitate the appearance of natural stone, yet without the headaches that often arise in the application and maintenance of natural stone.

Sukabumi Porcelain is suitable for all types of pools, landscaping, cladding, and even spas, providing you with the individuality that your project requires.

Swimming Pool Tiles in Dubai