TileLine Elevates Luxury at Anantara World Islands, Dubai with Sukabumi Porcelain Sapphire Tile

We’re excited to share TileLine’ s latest achievement in Dubai’s luxury hospitality market. In a prestigious collaboration with the Anantara World Islands Resort Dubai, TileLine has supplied Sukabumi Porcelain Sapphire tiles for 42 private pools, setting a new benchmark for luxury and design in the region.

Dubai’s Preferred Supplier for Luxury Swimming Pool Tiles

Located in the prestigious World Islands, the Anantara Resort epitomises Dubai’s vision of luxury and grandeur. TileLine was chosen for our exceptional quality and the distinct allure of our Sapphire Sukabumi Porcelain tiles. This partnership reaffirms our dedication to superior standards and cements our role as Dubai’s top choice for luxury swimming pool tiles in hotels and resorts.

Chosen for their captivating blue hue and unmatched durability, our Sapphire Sukabumi Porcelain tiles are the perfect addition to the Anantara’s exclusive pools. These tiles not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also ensure longevity and resistance to the elements, ideal for Dubai’s luxury market.

TileLine’s Leadership in Luxury Pool Tiles for Hotels and Resorts

This project highlights TileLine’s capability to fulfil the sophisticated requirements that align with the exacting demands of Dubai’s elite hotels and resorts sector. We are proud to contribute to the Anantara World Islands Resort’s commitment to offering unparalleled guest experiences.

As Dubai continues to emerge as a global luxury destination, TileLine remains at the forefront, supplying the finest tiles for both commercial and private clients seeking excellence in design and quality.

A heartfelt thank you to the Anantara team for capturing the beauty of our tiles in their photography. We’re honoured to see our tiles contribute to such a magnificent setting.

All images are courtesy of Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort and are subject to copyright.

Thank you for choosing TileLine, your trusted tile supplier in Dubai.