Key advantages to Sukabumi Porcelain

Maintenance issues with natural Sukabumi Stone vs Sukabumi Porcelain.

  1. Unlimited design options – larger format – sizes starting from 600mm x 600mm and can be cut to any size required
  2. All tiles are rectified and therefore eliminate wastage not like natural stone
  3. Total design control – choose the % of the shade and size from any of the colours
  4. 16 unique design options
  5. Water absorption less that w/a 0.5% (non porous)
  6.  Zero maintenance
  7.  Cost effective against stone
  8.  10 year warranty
  9.  Manufacturing continuity, quality control and consistency between productions

Why Sukabumi Porcelain vs Natural Stone

Natural green Sukabumi is considered to be a lava stone and is grey or bluish in colour yet, when immersed in water, the stone turns a beautiful Emerald green colour, for areas that are above water however the stone remains a dull grey colour and is not generally in keeping with the overall colour or aesthetics of the pool.

This can often present problems, you will see from the image on the right, the top line is not under water and when water splashes the area repeatedly and dries out, the stone starts to break down and deteriorates over a very short period of time. Consequently, the effect of crumbling can occur within a maximum period of 6 months, unless sealed and constantly maintained.

Due to natural Sukabumi being porous, it does not like being exposed to salt or chlorine and in turn, this increases the speed of deterioration, and ultimately the failure of the stone.

Any seller of natural Sukabumi swimming pools tiles should have a thorough understanding of the nature of the stone and its potential problems.

Unlike other natural stone, green Sukabumi is not quarried in the traditional sense where large blocks are cut out from the side of the mountain. Due to the nature of the stone and the mountain from which it is quarried. the quarries are only able to produce small sized (30 to 60) blocks rather than in a larger format, whereas Sukabumi Porcelain starts as a 600mm x 600mm and can be fabricated to any size downwards. The standard tile size that is available in natural stone is therefore limited to 100mm x 100mm, 150mm x 150mm and 20mm x 20mm tiles, which in the end provides limited design options..

The stone formation from which the stone comes contains many iron nodules and complex layers. This produces large colour variations from light green to dark brown. Only a few quarries are able to produce a stable colour without the existence brown discolouration. There are also zones within the stone formation that have excessive alteration (hot steam going through the stone), causing the blocks and tiles from that area to be very fragile and difficult to work with. Material from these impacted areas are not suitable for commercial purposes, and therefore only further add to the issues that arise in the application and maintenance of natural stone.


Sukabumi Porcelain – 10 year warranty

In this sense, the advantages of using Sukabumi porcelain signifcantly outweigh the beneifts of using natural stone. With Sukabumi Porcelain, architects, designers and homeowners do not have to worry about tile maintenance due its durability and low water absorption of less than 0.5%. Similarly, the absence of any porous material in Sukuabumi Porcelain will result in an easy installation process..

Sukabumi Porcelain is the practical and most affordable choice for any pool or water feature. We develop and offer a total of 16 colours, ranging from greens, blues, beige pallets, and have recently developed a new collection; moonstone, in which offers a contemporary lava stone palette.